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We extend a across-the-board array of injection and blow molding plastic products that are manufactured employing richly quality raw material such as HDPE, LDPE and PP grade plastics. Our array force out be generally assorted into five main categories consisting Eye Dropper Bottle & Caps, Dry Syrup Bottles, Jars & Containers, And Other Products.

Our categorization of Eye Dropper Bottle & Caps includes Eye Dropper Bottles with Caps, FFS Caps, Two Piece (BMW) Caps,  Eye Dropper Cap, Flip Top Cap,  Dry Syrup Bottles offered by us belongs of four departed kinds of bottles. We offer an categorization of Jars & Containers consisting Tablets Containers, Rib Jars, Tablets Jars, Tablets Container, PP Jars and PET Bottle & vitamin Container.
The array of Other Products extended by us includes measuring Cup, looking glass Lid, pill applier, Cream Bottle, Powder Bottle and Churna Bottle. We extend an categorization of Promotional Products that consists promotional details such as bottles, sippers and others.

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